The Route

The route we planned to take was the usual Marangu Route.  Our plan was:

Day 1    Climb from the gate to the Mandara Hut at 9,000 feet (2700m).

Day 2    Continue to the Horombo Hut, 12,000 feet (3720m).

Day 3    Day off to acclimatise.

Day 4    Ascend to the Kibo Hut, 15,500 feet (3720m).

Day 5    Climb from the Kibo Hut to Gillman's Point, 18,652 feet (5685m) on the crater rim and then to the summit, Point Uhuru, 19340 feet (5895m).  We would then descend past the Kibo hut down to the Horombo Hut.

Day 6    Descend from the Horombo Hut to the Park Gate.